Capacity and Ethernet Services

Turkcell Superonline provides end-to-end and protected solutions to Turkey, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Caucasus and the Turkic Republics with DWDM and MPLS services.

Kapasite Servisleri 
IP Servisleri 

IP Services

Turkcell Superonline provides Wholesale IP Services, all IP transit and data connection services over our national IP backbone. It also offers security products for internet services.

Wholesale Fiber Data Flow Access Service

Turkcell Superonline renders Wholesale Fiber DFA Service to operators in 24 provinces with its fixed internet infrastructure reaching approx. 4 million in size.

Ethernet Servisleri 
Yönetilebilir network hizmetleri 

Manageable Network Services

Turkcell Superonline Manageable Network Services are offered in the content comprising also remote connection services that may be provided along the entire project lifecycle together with hardware installation, configuration, monitoring, management and maintenance services for customers. On the other hand, Turkcell Superonline provides also the project management, consultancy and technical support services of network management services by means of the specific design service it employs.

Hosting, Data Center Services and Local Network Access

Turkcell Superonline offers national and international operators intending to operate in Turkey with local network access, hosting and data center services. Our technologic data centers operate in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

Yerel Ağ Erişimi, Barındırma Ve Veri Merkezi Hizmetleri 
Ses servisleri 

Voice Services

High quality fixed and mobile operators require a reliable and well-interconnected transit carrier to guarantee the best voice end-user experience, and this need is well covered by Turkcell Superonline’s combination of high quality services that focus on mobile customer satisfaction to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with its mobile customers. Therefore Turkcell Superonline wholesale voice portfolio always offers an absolute networking with the best quality.​

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