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Turkcell Superonline Company Brief

Turkcell Superonline is an innovative telecom operator providing communication solutions to telecom operators, corporations and households in the areas of data, voice and video (triple play).

Turkcell Superonline aims to be “the most preferred service provider of choice” which, the company management believes can only be achieved by building and owning an independent network in the given market conditions.

The group synergy arising from being a 100 % subsidiary of Turkcell Group, together with the desired goals stated above sets Turkcell Superonline to become a real network alternative in the region. Bringing the world’s fastest Internet to Turkey simultaneously with the rollouts in other countries, Turkcell Superonline carries on investing at an unabated rate in order to turn the “Silk Road” into a “Fiber Road” by expanding its own infrastructure across Turkey with a fiber network stretching to every corner of the country.

GSM-based mobile communication in Turkey began when Turkcell, the leading communications and technology company in Turkey, commenced operations in February 1994. Turkcell with its 34.1 million subscribers (%54 market share*) is not only the leading operator in Turkey, but also the third largest mobile communicationcompany inEuropeintermsofsubscriber number. Turkcell walking towards its vision “to ease and enrich the lives of our customers with communication and technology solutions” has made 8.8 billion US dollars worth of investments (including 2G and 3G licenses) in Turkey, covering approximately 85% of the Turkish population through its 3G and 99.07% through its 2G technology supported network. It has become one of the first among the global operators to have implemented HSDPA+ and achieved a 42.2 Mbps speed using the HSPA multi carrier solution.

Turkcell is also a leading regional player with market leadership in five of the nine countries in which it operates with its approximately 61.7 million subscribers.
Its operations in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Moldova through Fintur reached 16.9 million subscriber, and in Northern Cyprus reached 400 thousand subscribers. Astelit (Ukraine) and BeST(Belarus), inwhichTurkcellholdsthemajoritystake,have 8.7 million and 1.6 million subscribers respectively. In 2011, Turkcell expanded its operations into nine countries by initiating MVNO services in Germany. Turkcell also ranks among the top operators in terms of GPRS roaming, where it has signed contracts with 488 operators from 165 countries.

Turkcell’s shares have been traded on the Istanbul (IMKB) and New York Stock Exchanges (NYSE) since July 2000, and it is the first and only Turkish company ever to be listed on the NYSE.

Turkcell Superonline holds all the necessary authorizations listed below, granted by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICT) to act as a telecom operator:

  • Internet Service Provider
  • Infrastructure Operation Services
  • Fixed Telephony Services
  • Satellite Communication Services
  • Mobile Virtual Network Services
  • Wired Broadcasting Service

Today, Turkcell Superonline has more than 26.000 km of fiber backbone covering 74 major cities of Turkey. With this strong infrastructure and the next generation network designed over this infrastructure as well as its experienced personnel enables Turkcell Superonline to deliver high quality solutions to telecom operators multinational and national private corporations and the governmental institutions. Turkcell Superonline rapidly continues its fiber optics infrastructure investments to form its dedicated transmission and IP backbones. The agreement made with BOTAŞ (natural gas & oil pipeline company of Turkey) for the use of BOTAŞ right-of-ways and network increased the pace of investments.

Also as Turkey’s innovative telecom operator, we have assumed a key role in the RCN (Regional Cable Network) project. We are pleased to be the operator to link Asia to Europe through our fiber optic infrastructure on this project, which represents a milestone in the communications history. By taking part in this project, we will help make Istanbul the world’s new Internet base and increase Turkey’s global competitiveness in terms of mobile and fixed technologies, in lnie with the strategy of our parent company Turkcell.

Our new multi-layered network structure will definitely increase Turkcell Superonline’s services to a quality level that is going to be unmatched in the Turkish market and it will meet all telecommunication needs in the region.

Turkcell Superonline provides high qality wholesale data services to its customers with the product portfolio followed.

*based on the operators’ announcements and excluding the impact of the change in prepaid churn periods in Q2 2011.

Wholesale Data Services
Transmission Services

Turkcell Superonline’s DWDM/SDH capacity services provide end-to-end, full circuit interconnection with full control of capacity usage between its main nodes in Europe and Turkey. The service portfolio that is available on Turkcell Superonline backbone includes the following managed and fully protected connectivity solutions:

  • E1,E3, STM-1, STM-16 and STM-64, fully protected SDH connectivity
  • Wavelenght at 10 Gpbs ( STM-64/10Gigabit Ethernet interfaces)
  • Both protected & unprotected configurations according to customer’s demands.
  • High availability, high speed services
  • SLA guarantees for delivery (TTD) and service availability (SAR)
  • Proactive performance monitoring on a 24x7 basis
Ip Services
IP Transit

Turkcell Superonline has direct IP connectivity with its suppliers on European POPs and western borders of Turkey via its own fiber optics infrastructure.Turkcell Superonline’s IP Transit service provides worldwide Internet routing with well designed minimum delay and high performance.

  • A variety of speed options ranging from E1 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Service performance guarantee via a comprehensive SLA
  • Optimum performance assurance and extended reach
  • Top class Internet connectivity based on a single AS
IP Vpn (Mpls)

Turkcell Superonline’s MPLS VPN service offers maximum flexibility as it supports many service classes depending on customers’ quality request, any connectivity and unlimited speed options which enables tailor-made solutions and support for customers’ special requirements.

  • Highly secure VPNs over a dedicated protected private network
  • A variety of speed options and classes of service for tailor made solutions
  • Service performance guarantee via a comprehensive SLA
  • Any-to-any connectivity among the customers’ sites, through a single
  • Local & international MPLS NNIs
  • Extensive global coverage with focus on the SE European region
  • Provision, installation and management of the customer’s CPEs, upon customer request
Ethernet Services

Ethernet Transport over Turkcell Superonline’s fiber optic infrastructure provides a pioneering solution based on the latest transport technologies. The service, offered over NG SDH/DWDM or MPLS platforms, is provided at different transmission rates ranging from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps over Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The available service portfolio includes end-to-end managed and fully protected connectivity solutions, depending also on a variety of interconnection scenarios that suit customer needs.

  • Ethernet over SDH
  • Ethernet over MPLS
Local Loop Access, Co-Location and Datacenter Services

Turkcell Superonline provides local loop access, co-location and data center services to carriers who want to serve in Turkey as a partner in two high class, technological centers located both on the Asian and European parts of Istanbul.

The service portfolio includes:

  • POP hosting
  • VPOP
  • Telehousing
  • Cross connects
  • Local loops
Managed Network Services

Turkcell Superonline also provides special designed network management services with its experienced project management, consultancy and technical support teams.

The service portfolio includes:

  • End-to-End technical design
  • Project management support • Proactive monitoring
  • Fault management
  • Reporting
  • On-site maintenance support
  • Equipment support
  • Service level agreements
Wholesale Voice Services

Turkcell Superonline, a Turkcell Group company, is an innovative telecom operator providing communication solutions to operators, residentials and corporations in area of voice, data and video.

High quality Fixed and Mobile operators require a reliable and well-interconnected transit carrier to guarantee the best voice end-user experience, and this need is well covered by Turkcell Superonline’s combination of high quality services that focus on mobile customer satisfaction to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with its mobile customers.

Providing average NER > 94,5% in 2009, global coverage for roaming termination, CLI transmission are features of voice service.Turkcell Superonline launched its wholesale services in December 2004. Thus, while it started call origination and termination between Turkey and overseas countries, it became a transition point for niche destinations between different countries.

Turkcell Superonline is delivering European and Middle East communications industry the highest quality cross-border voice services and it is the transit carrier for one of Europe’s largest mobile operators and other worldwide operators.